Owner/Operators Wanted

We excel in teaching our drivers and owner/operators how to be a successful trucking professional. If you are interested in owning a business of your own in the industry, Badger State Western is the place to start.

We are looking for independent contractors who are based in Wisconsin, eastern Minnesota, northern Illinois, and the West Coast.


  Strong work ethic
• Good Driving Record
• Late Model Power & 53X102 California Compliant Reefers
• Meets all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations


  To complete this form, you will need to know the following:

• social security number
• home address history for the past three years
• current driver’s license
• driver’s license history for the past three years
• up to ten years of employment history
• history of traffic accidents, violations, and/or convictions for the last three years (including DUI and/or reckless driving convictions and license suspension)



  Tractor & Trailer
• 88% of base rate on loads to ride
• 78% of base rate when loaded at Break Bulk facility
Tractor (pulling company’s trailer)
• 78% of base rate on loads to ride
• 68% of base rate when loading at Break Bulk facility

Additionally, Badger State Western will reimburse 100% of applicable accessorial charges, such as drops and Fuel S. C.